Double Mizzlee

Color Pals

Game Overview

Welcome to the cute and satisfying world of Color Pals, where brainteasing puzzles meet simple single-screen platforming fun!

Enjoy 50 stages of hue-based trickery as you take the role of a colored cube and navigate 2D maze-like levels to reach a portal on the far side.
But be careful! You can only touch walls, floors, ceilings and platforms that match your current color.

Replay stages as many times as it takes, and freely replay cleared levels any time to improve your skills!


    • Navigate 50 stages of hue-based platforming puzzles!
    • Enjoy cute and colorful presentation that’s easy on the eyes.
    • Match the color of floors, walls and ceilings to reach the portal!
    • Collect up to 3 stars per stage.
  • Freely replay levels as many times as it takes!