Double Mizzlee

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We have various projects for different gaming platforms in our portfolio, with something for every kind of player.


In the realm of game development, you’ll find us at Double Mizzlee—a close-knit and passionate team committed to crafting delightful and engaging games.

Despite our small size, we thrive on the collaboration with various developers, artists, and storytellers. Being a small team allows us to be nimble and innovative, ensuring that each game is a labor of love.

The result? Charming and enjoyable games that bear the distinct mark of a team driven by creativity, enthusiasm, and a genuine love for gaming.


Glyphs of Gitzan

Explore mysterious ruins and uncover their secrets!

Lost Echoes


Shivering Stone

Experience a serene journey through the winter forest as you unravel the secrets before you and enjoy brainteasing scenarios amidst tranquil visuals and soothing sounds.

Color Pals

A fun puzzle game where your objective is to get to the exit with the same matching color! Be careful though, you can only touch the same colored blocks that you are. Jump around, collect colored bolts to help complete the level, and avoid spiked enemies trying to kill you!

Need Game

We are starting to develop and release gaming assets for others to enjoy. If you need something custom, please contact us.