Double Mizzlee

Shivering Stone

Game Overview

Experience a serene journey through the winter forest as you unravel the secrets before you and enjoy brainteasing scenarios amidst tranquil visuals and soothing sounds.

Shivering Stone is an environmental sliding puzzle where you take the role of a young man as he journeys across snowfields and frozen forests. Presented in HD pixel art with crisp sprites and fluid animation, Shivering Stone’s 50 stages of increasingly complex pushing puzzles are seen from a top-down perspective, each filling a single screen.


    • Experience an icy spin on pushing puzzle mechanics!
    • Guide a young adventurer through snowfields and frozen woods.
    • Slide and drop rocks into holes in the ice to unlock gates and open the exit!
    • Overcome increasingly complex arrangements across 50 single-screen stages.
    • Reset and retry challenges as many times as it takes.
    • Enjoy fluid pixel art animation and a chill atmosphere!